Celebrating My 33rd Birthday – Better Your Best

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Hey World,

Yes! I am back and with a new look for my website. I’m still tinkering around with settings, themes, widgets, and the overall look and feel of my blog; however, I think you all will enjoy the upcoming year and blogs/vlogs I have in store. There’s still so much to learn about WordPress and I am a little embarrassed that I haven’t mastered the site yet (I’ve had this page for a few years now). I think a premium theme is long overdue. You may have also noticed all my previous posts are missing and that’s because I wanted to start fresh. A new start never hurt anyone right?

I want to share one highlight from this summer and that was celebrating my 33rd birthday. Yes, I know I don’t look like I am thirty-three at first glance but if you look a little closer you’ll see all of my grey hairs. Now that you know how old I am, I will have you know that I am a huge kid at heart, which is probably why I still dance around in my underwear while brushing my teeth every night before bed. Okay! That’s a lie. I’ve only done that like once or ten times…but who’s counting right?


(My brother Chuka and twin brothers Tej, Dam, and me at Pieology Pizzeria)

With my 33rd birthday (August 23rd) just a few days away, I decided to send a mass text to all of the people I knew who would be down to party for my birthday. Let’s note that I’m not the best person to organize people and events. I even surprised myself last year when I was able to plan a surprise birthday party for my (now) ex-girlfriend and got all of her friends to her house minutes before we showed up after dinner. It worked that time so it had to work this time right?

I had the entire night all planned out. We would start by having dinner at Pieology Pizzeria, head over to Coin Op Game Room to grab drinks and play some classic arcade games, do a little Karaoke at Oishii Sushi and Karaoke Bar, than party the night away at Social Night Club and ultimately finish with a late night grub session at Burgers & Brew. Bingo! Night planned…now I had to see who would show up. Many texts and days later the night had arrived…

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(Me, Chelsea and Alfonso Jorrin at Pieology Pizzeria)

[7:30pm on 8/22/15]

I met up with my brother and some friends at Pieology Pizzeria for dinner. After some delicious pizza, we headed over to Coin Op Game Room for drinks and classic arcade gaming. This is absolutely my favorite bar in Sacramento. Who could ask for anything more than beer, good music, food, and classic arcade games? It’s a win-win situation.

unnamed (6)

(Me and Deshawn at Coin Op Game Room)


I have to admit the night was still young and only a few friends showed up for pizza and games. I was a little worried that my birthday party plan had failed but I was still happy for the few friends who did show up to celebrate with me. Deshawn and I had an intense battle in some classic NBA Jam but Deshawn proved to be too damn good and I couldn’t close out the win.


It was time to head across the street to Oishii’s for Karaoke. I have to admit I was more excited for karaoke then even going to the nightclub. There’s just something about bad singing and not knowing the lyrics to songs (that you think you know) that get me every time. I always enjoy the laughs that come with karaoke. To my surprise there was an entire crew of people waiting for me outside of Oishii’s. Oh shit! It was about to go down in the karaoke room!

unnamed (1)

(Too many people to name and oh that’s me in the middle – hehe)

The night seemed to just be getting started with more friends showing up (who obviously weren’t pictured) and I was feeling the effects of the alcohol. It was definitely a great time indeed. My friend Chris Thomas (pictured above with the snapback hat) did such an amazing 50 Cent impression during one of his songs that we legit thought it was 50 Cent. Nope…its was Chris. #HilariousKaraokeMoment


We all headed to Social Nightclub to party the rest of the night away intoxicated with shots of Fireball, Black Superman’s, and whatever else my friends gave me that night. I still didn’t miss opportunities to catch some pictures with good friends who made an extra effort to show up that night. I once had someone very close to me tell me “I had no friends” and that really hurt me, so it was an emotional feeling and a bit overwhelming to see and feel the love I felt that night from family and friends who came out to celebrate with me. I don’t know if any of my friends who attended the birthday celebration that night will ever read this blog but if they happen to stumble upon it. I want them to know that I appreciate them all. Thank you for all the love, birthday wishes, laughs, and good memories.

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(Me and my friend David at Social Nightclub)

I made a promise to myself that night that for the rest of my 33rd year of life, it would be one if not the best year of my life. I will travel the world, challenge myself mentally, physically, all while being the healthiest and physically fit I have ever been, meet people from all over the world and establish long-lasting friendships. I would also be successful through all of my social media/creative projects I do from Twitch, YouTube and even this blog for instance. It will be tough but I can do it.

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(My long time friend Angela and me at Social Nightclub) 

Although this post is mainly about my birthday celebration and the great people who made it possible to dance the night away, this post is also about challenging yourself every day, week, month, and year to better yourself. My friend Kevin Bracy always says that you must “better your best, everyday”. If I’m going to make my 33rd year of life on this earth the best, I have to better my best in every single way and do it every single day. That’s my personal challenge this year. What is your personal challenge? What will you better your best in? Fitness? Dieting? Career? Travel? Relationships? Finances?

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(Chris Jorrin, Chris Thomas, Me, Alfonso, Chelsea, Izaiah, Becca, Maggie, and Stevo Jorrin Sunday Brunch at Pour House)

The key to anything is having good people around you who will support and push you to succeed. I know this from experience. I didn’t get where I am today without the help of others. We all know that life is too short to hold grudges or resentment towards anyone, so with that being said, I am looking forward to another great year of memories, experiences, and challenging myself daily. Had I not decided to text all of my friends and invite them to do this “birthday bash” or whatever I called it and just listened to my inner thoughts make excuses like “I really don’t have any friends. She was right!” or “no one is going to want to hangout with me” then I wouldn’t have had an awesome night with friends. Those memories would have never happened.

Challenge yourself today by making a promise that this year will be your BEST YEAR EVER! Join my journey by following my blog and together we can better our best. Let’s end 2015 with a bang and make 2016 our year!

[Watch my Birthday Vlog – Click Video]

Peace, Love & Blogs

Jovon Torres